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Project Info


York Civil Fremantle Port Authority 


Fremantle WA


50 Weeks

Fremantle Port North Quay Rail Freight Terminal 


In January of 2014 York Civil engaged Hender Lee to provide the Rail Terminal and Freight Road Infrastructure including HV Power Distribution, Lighting, CCTV and Communication Systems.

The project involved HV shut down and upgrades to the operating Port of Fremantle and the freight Rail Terminal


  • Civil works, Pre cast concrete electrical and communications pit systems class G

  • Port Facility mains and sub mains cabling, Fibre optical and communications cabling

  • Communications systems for the Australian Customs Department latest requirements

  • Demolition, relocation and integration of the existing terminal electrical and                communications systems during terminal operation


Facilities systems with minimum shut downs and disruption to the operational Port Facility.

Due to an extremely high specification for the 100 tonne container, forklifts the road finish trenching for the entire project could only be done at a specific grade that was only available for a very short window of time.


Hender Lee provided additional staffing resources and plant equipment to deliver the trenching in accelerated time frames in some cases delivering 200m of installed services back filled and compacted in one (1) day.

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