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Project Info


Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley


Wyndham, WA 6740


August 2021 - Current

Clarrie Cassidy Oval Sports Floodlighting 

Project Description


Hender Lee Electrical were engaged by the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley for the Design and Construction of 4 LED Floodlights at Clarrie Cassidy Oval, Wyndham.


•  Installation of four (4) LED Floodlights suitable for sporting ovals, 
•    Fixed steel tapered octagon column with galvanised finish, base plate, rag bolt
•    assembly, three (3) access doors and head frame to suit minimum of four (4) flood lights.
•    Tower length to be suitable to ensure a minimum of 100 lux is achieved over the entire
•    ground (minimum, desirable up to 200 lux).
•    Lighting sub-board with circuit protection and switching.
•    Sub mains running to new lighting sub board (50mm XLPE minimum)
•    Glare hoods
•    Cage barriers to restrict damage from bird life.
•    A suitable control mechanism that allows the Shire to monitor and control usage.
•    Three (3) phase copper nylon jacket cabling, with termite resistant, installed underground
•    to all four poles.

Complications and items to Consider

•    Lighting spill effect on community buildings and amenities in close proximity.
•    Energy efficiency and allowing flexibility of usage to reduce power wastage.
•    Proximity to Wyndham Airstrip and any resulting height restrictions.
•    Maximising longevity and minimising future maintenance costs given the high cost of
•    repairs and maintenance in the region, particularly by specialist services. This may include
•    break back poles or similar.
•    Location of the oval light towers must allow for future ground expansion 
•    Using materials that protect or reduce from vandalism

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