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Project Info


City of Rockingham


Secret Harbour, WA  6173


December 2020 - March 2021

Lark Hill Hockey Club
Sports Lighting


The electrical services scope of work included the material delivered to the construction / project site, supply of products, equipment and accessories, installation, access equipment as required, modification to existing, commissioning and subsequent maintenance for the defects period, for all works indicated or implied.
The scope included, but was not be limited to:


•    Liaison with the client, club users and consultant.
•    Demolition and removal of redundant services.
•    Modifications to the lighting distribution board / enclosures.
•    LV and ELV final circuit cabling.
•    Underground conduits and cable pits
•    Cables containment and other cable support systems
•    Earthing systems
•    Transient protection equipment
•    Sports lighting – Lighting for Outdoor Hockey) to AS2560.2.7 – 250Lux Training and Major   Grade club competition to 500Lux.
•    Control of obtrusive effects of outdoor lighting to AS4282:2019 for Environmental zone A3,   non-curfew Level 1 control.
•    Intelligent lighting control system (Cloudmaster)
•    Structural design and certification.
•    Geotechnical samples and reporting.
•    Surveying set out and as constructed locations.
•    Builders work in connection.
•    Occupational health and safety systems to ensure the public space remains safe.
•    Testing & Commissioning
•    As Built drawings and maintenance handbooks
•    Maintenance during the defects period

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