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Project Info


Horizon Power / GHD


Esperance, WA 6450


December 2021 - March 2022

Esperance Power Project Port Connection Works


Esperance Harbour Road (EHR) substation supplies power to the town of Esperance and the surrounding areas. A new hybrid thermal and renewable power station is planned to replace the existing power station in Q4 2021. As part of this work, augmentation to the existing 33 kV network will be required for the Esperance Port Connection. This Scope of Work covered the civil and electrical works required for an underground power circuit connecting the EHR and Esperance Port. The Scope of Work included but not limited to; transportation, mobilisation, site establishment, supply, construction, installation, termination and testing of the Works, including all Materials and Equipment and services required for relocation of two new underground 33 kV cables between the EHR substation and Esperance Port Incomer Switchyard.


  • Identify, locate and protect all existing underground services associated with all locations that may be affected by the Works.

  • Carry out all excavations for the installation of the Works including conduits and cables including directional drilling under road

  • Installation of 33KV high voltage cabling through conduit systems and open trenching.

  • Implementation of Traffic management with Key Stakeholder (Southern Ports) to effectively exhume existing cable buried direct under road.

  • Jointing of 6 cable cores from existing cabling to newly installed cable in open trench.

  • Termination of 6 ends and screens to 2 new RMU.

  • Testing and commissioning of the cables in accordance with Horizon Power Underground Cable Installation Manual.

  • Survey and as-builts for all newly installed services and abandoned cabling.

  • Complete all backfill, compaction and final surface reinstatement. Re-Asphalting of the road after road exhuming and backfilling.


The project was completed within budget, on time and with minimal disruption to facilities, the Southern Ports, or the Public, with no lost time injuries. Hender Lee was resilient with its management of labour across the project due to numerous cancelled shutdowns across the lifespan of the project. Hender Lee also navigated changes in construction processes encountering the cables buried under road as opposed to as-builts.


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