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Project Info


Govt of WA - Housing Authority


Bentley, Perth WA


July 2017 - February 2018

Dept of Housing Brownlie Towers Power Upgrade


HLE provided the new Western Power Substation for the Brownlie Towers high rise building feeder. The relocation from its current location was required as part of an overall strategy for the site to demolish existing  building and the existing substation.


  • To coordinate and program the works carried out by Western Power to ensure their work will be carried out during the “Programmed Shutdown”

  • We liaised with Western Power and arranged :

o   Supply and install the new transformer

o   Disconnect and remove the existing kwh meter

o   Supply and install new kwh meter

o   Disconnect the existing consumer mains at the existing LV frame

o   Connect the new consumer mains at the new LV frame

o   To provide metering CT’s on the new site main switchboard as required by Western         Power

  • We also provided a new service protection device (with required settings) on the new site main switchboard as required by Western Power

  • We submitted to Western Power for approval shop drawings details of the proposed new site main switchboard

  • We provided Western Power’s Design Project Manager with all required information regarding the Service Protection device at least two (2) weeks prior to commissioning

  • Hender Lee surveyed the substation site as required by Western Power

  • We removed all vegetation from the substation site as required by Western Power ensuring that all required clearances and requirements are met.



During the project it was a requirement that power was maintained via generators for the occupants of the premises and no tenants were affected by us carrying out these works as the complex was required to remain ‘operational’ at all times.

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