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Project Info


Georgiou Group & the Water Corporation


Mandurah WA


65 Weeks

Mandurah Lakes Road New 1400PM Line


At Mandurah Lakes Road a new 7km DN1400 Main Line was installed by Georgiou Group. Hender Lee provided electrical, cathodic protection and Voltage mitigation systems. The project was completed in January 2012. Our project value was approximately $ 2 mil.


  • 106m deep current impressed anode cathodic protection system including the drilling for the anode to protect approximately 7 KM of DN1400

  • Test and monitoring points along the 7km pipe line for the CP system

  • Voltage mitigation bonding for the length of the pipeline

  • Voltage mitigation earthing mats, earth bonding of all concrete reinforcing, vertical down conductors and complete VM systems for any valve and scour pits

  • Earthing and general electrical systems for the pipe and tank storage area

  • Testing, monitoring & commissioning


Hender Lee Electrical identified voltage mitigation continuity faults through injection testing. 

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