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Project Info


WA State Library


Perth, WA


20 Weeks

State Library Electrical Refurbishment


This project consisted of 2 separate works packages - the renewal replacement of 44 distribution switchboards and the upgrading of over 9000 tubes and fitting to LED technology for the entire building (7 levels). We were responsible for upgrading the end of life original installation that dated back to the 1970’s.   


  • Removal and disposal of existing switchboard services/equipment

  • Modification of existing switchboard enclosures to suit new works & upgrades

  • New switchboard services/equipment, installed within existing & modified switchboard enclosures

  • Internal switchboard cabling

  • Removal and disposal of existing switchboard panels containing asbestos

  • Earthing Upgrades

  • Fittings and accessories

  • Detailed programming of the works

  • Shop drawings and technical submissions

  • Testing of all new and existing cabling connected to new switchboard equipment

  • Re-lamping of existing light fittings

  • Cleaning of all existing light fittings, including the diffusers

  • Replacement of damaged tombstones and starters

  • Commissioning and Testing

  • As Constructed Drawings CAD Format 

  • Maintenance and Operating Instructions


All switchboards were renewed on after hours shut downs to ensure there was no distribution to tenancy holder’s power or lighting during opening hours.


The upgrading and re-lamping of the existing fittings were carried out in a manner that did not disrupt daily operations of the Library and other building facilities.


Hender Lee scheduled limited work areas within barricading and developed work methodologies to deliver the project within this high public traffic area.  

High access equipment was also required to access some lighting systems that were over 7m from floor level.

In negotiations with the Dept of Arts and Programmed Hender Lee have been engaged on a day works rate to rectify faulty cabling within the library building for circuits that do not hold in on the newly installed RCD protection. We have found items like crossed neutral between circuits and faulty wiring.

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