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Project Info


Synergy & Western Controls


Cockburn, WA 


July  19 - December 19

Synergy Cockburn Power Station



Site mobilisation is scheduled for September 2019 for the installation of a new HV cables through the  operation Power Station,  New Transformers, New LV Switch room, Building works , Civil works, Footings, Pads, Culverts and new LV Cabling as part of and to incorporate the new Gas Turbine Upgrade works to the Kwinana Power Station.


Work includes the installation of an LV switch-room located adjacent to the Western Power 132 kV switchyard on the footprint of an existing workshop that will be demolished.  The new switch-room will supply power to a new Water Treatment Plant, a Fire Services Building and a few other services.  HLE are responsible for, but not limited to, the provision of   management, labour, materials, equipment, services, site facilities, access, testing and waste disposal required completing the scope deliverables. This includes the provision of all documentation, methods, and procedures to undertake the works in accordance with Synergy strict management systems. 


HLE are also responsible for the design, supply, installation, earthing, commissioning of a switch-room including switchgear and its integration into the existing CKB power distribution system. HLE shall provide and install programmable logic controller (PLC) cabinets inside the switch-room that will serve as an interface and communication channel between CKB and the switch-room, and perform Kwinana Power Station BoP functions.


The Water Treatment Plant and the Fire Services Building will be powered from the new switchgear as part of our scope are responsible for the re feeding of these cables at the feeder side.

  • Design, supply, install, earth and fit-out the switch-room.

  • Design, supply and install foundation and structural support for the switch-room.

  • Design, supply and install landings and access stairways to the switch-room.

  • Supply, install and commission the switch room’s internal and external circuitry.

  • Design, supply, install and test the earthing system for the switch-room, switchgear and transformer.

  • Design, supply, install and commission the LV switchgear.

  • Design, supply, install and test Migration PLC and I/O cabinets.

  • Supply, install and commission the distribution transformer.

  • Design, supply, install, test the distribution transformer’s HV and LV power cables and terminate at both ends.

  • Install, terminate and test the Fibre Optic cables between the Migration PLC and CKB Electronic Room.

  • Terminate and connect Water Treatment Plant power supply cables at feeder side.

  • Terminate and connect Fire Services Building power supply cables at feeder side.

  • Supply all drawings, designs, calculations, plans, reports, spare parts and special tools.

  • Develop ITPs, ITRs and Work Packs for on-site installation and commissioning works.

  • Fully commission the scope of work, energise the distribution transformer, put the switch-room in service and provide ITRs and ITPs.


Hender Lee will be installing new high voltage feeder cables within the operating power station without disruption to the cities largest power generation facility. 

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